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Earlier this year, a friend shared something that struck me:

"between remote work and wearing masks, we've had to focus on what people are saying, not how they look, and I hope that doesn't change."

So I've decided not to have any spiffy headshots here.  Instead of getting distracted by the parrot on my shoulder, my long, red beard, or the telescope and scabbard that hang from my belt, get to know the real me before you decide I'm just another surly pirate.

(I don't particularly relate to or idolize buccaneers, I simply aspire to keep things fun. I usually settle for a confused grin.)

Past Voyages

About Augustine

I'm a business school graduate with a specialization in marketing. I've held positions in hospitality, marketing, operations, and education. Throughout university, I was heavily involved in case-competitions, earned solid grades, and I probably could've had more fun on the weekends.

But nowadays, I get my dose of fun from working with people on their unique business challenges.

I have a soft-spot for businesses. You ever drive past an empty restaurant and find yourself worried about the owners? Do you think about them at night and hope they're doing okay?

I do. I care (maybe too much).


I have an aptitude for problem-solving and strategy. I ask a lot of questions, genuinely listen, and come up with more ideas than I can possibly execute. After identifying the best of the bunch, we take action.

I'm passionate about your progress. Let's get to where you want to be.
With my diverse array of interests, I'm sure we have some common ground. If you want to connect or request my resume, reach out using the form below:

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