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5 Reasons to be a Podcast Producer

Editing show notes and audio is an awesome job - here's why:

Free Starter Template

1. I get the inside scoop!


I’m an insider.

Trusted with top-secret intelligence before it gets released to the public. I feel entrusted and empowered to do a great job. Know the warm feeling you get when your boss compliments you for doing a great job?

I experience that same joy each and every time I get an .WAV or .MP3 file in my inbox!


2. My eyes get a break from screens


Audio is a lot easier on the eyes than text.


Staring at the clean UI of an audio-processing software like Audition or Garageband is so much nicer than a white screen glaring back at me. Not all programs are easy on the eyes - even with dark mode.

But here’s a secret bonus tip if you rely on google docs → there’s a dark mode chrome extension. Check it out on the webstore here:  Google Docs Dark Mode.


Thank me later when you're doing better than this guy below.


Eyestrain from screens is minimal as a podcast producer, so this uncomfortable feeling can be largely avoided.

3. Absorbing Key Takeaways


As a podcast producer creating show-notes, I have to focus on the important points.

I’ll record phrases verbatim or summarize them in a succinct, yet powerful form.

Marketing literature suggests that there is an optimal number of brand exposures to achieve the maximum attitude response. The general consensus is AT LEAST 8 to 10 exposures is a great start. The top brands that are in your evoked set excel at this. Quick, name a brand of juice!

Did Tropicana, Minute Maid or Oasis come to mind?  

Think about the last episode of a podcast you listened to. I’m willing to bet there was at least one lesson or development that you found interesting!

But, do you remember it?

Maybe you do. What about the lesson from the episode before that one? Maybe not! By producing high-quality show notes rich with the juiciest takeaways from the content you recorded, these lessons become ingrained in my mind.

If knowledge equals power, then producing podcasts makes me a superhero!


As a podcast producer, rich information is constantly absorbed, increasing the listener's knowledge and understanding.

4. Flexible Work Environments


I mentioned how editing audio is easier on the eyes.


Sometimes, I don’t need a screen - or computer - at all.

If I want to work at the park or on the beach, I can! A good pair of headphones and a pad of paper are the only necessities. Maybe something to write with, too! ;)

To prolong my focus and keep me performing at my best, variety provides a chance to recharge.

A disruption from the routine of typing keeps my penmanship skills well-oiled. Some fresh air does the mind and spirit wonders.

On a commute? Provided that you aren’t operating the vehicle in question, it’s easy to get work done. I’d never open my laptop on a bus, but popping an earbud in and jotting down some notes with the appropriate time-stamp makes the process much smoother when I’m back at the workstation.


Want the template I use for on-the-go show-notes? I have a free download for you at the end!


5. Digestible Intervals


Danica Jovic over at Smallbizgenius.net shared 40 Powerful Podcast Statistics to Tune Into.

50% of surveyed Americans say that podcasts are “too long.”

The average episode clocks in at about 43 minutes, with the most popular podcasts of 2019 averaging 53 minutes in length.

Producing show-notes and edits for an episode of this length enables me to complete the project quickly, and essentially eliminates risk of burnout or boredom.

Remember in University when you were expected to read 2 chapters a week for 5 classes, plus assignments and suggested articles?


Did you jump at the task with passion and excitement? I’m guessing not.

Episodes under an hour let me generate high quality content for you with fast turnaround.



We know there are plenty of great returns for publishing your podcast: extracting key takeaways from your podcast recordings lets you create better descriptions, rank higher, and provides you with a library of rich subject matter for future content opportunities.

Make the most of these knowledge-rich conversations by creating dedicated content that explores subjects in greater depth and detail. Convey your credibility and capability as a business or expert.

But as a producer, there are also many benefits to be reaped:

  • I feel empowered and excited about my work each and every day
  • I’m sparing my eyesight from time spent on a screen
  • I can work from anywhere in the world (audio can travel over the weakest internet connections)
  • Learning and retaining valuable information

If you love listening to podcasts, maybe you’ll love a career in producing them. Can you think of other jobs that provide the same benefits? Leave a comment!

Header Photo by Tommy Lopez from Pexels.


Download: Podcast ShowNotes Template.pdf


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