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Welcome to

The Aug Blog

I'd like to think I have good — or at least, entertaining ideas! I take great pride in making people laugh and smile, so I'm challenging myself to share my legitimate and goofy ideas with anyone who cares to access them.


My Latest Work:

For my Advertising and Society class at uOttawa, I took an ethnographic study approach to explore the topic of MANLINESS — comparing my definition to the portrayals in media and investigating the effects of any disparities. Here's a short overview video essay!


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4 Reasons to Hire a Marketing Student / Grad

My shameless shameful (let's be honest) case for offering students and new graduates employment opportunities. No, it's not just because we're desperate for cash. That's only 80% of the reason. Maybe I shouldn't joke in these descriptions... go check it out!

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Is the Traditional Office Finished?

In response to the September 12th edition of The Economist "The future of work - Is the office finished?" I offer my personal feelings on the subject, comparing the benefits and drawbacks.

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An homage to my original Morpheus reference

See how deep the rabbit-hole goes.

Believe whatever you want to believe.


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